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Senior Java IAM Engineer

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Amber Carr

Role: Senior Java IAM Engineer
Language: English
Location: Berlin (Remote)
Duration: Contract, 6 months
Start Date: 19.07.2021

Project description:
We are working with a Berlin based eCommerce client who are looking for a Senior Java IAM Engineer. The project consists of the unification of multiple partner facing identity access management systems. The project will have the end goal of migrating four identity capabilities into one consolidate and unified authentication system following the clients overall IAM strategy and reusing the already centrally procured tooling (Okta, Savyint and Open Policy agent).

1st Phase:

  • In the 1st phase the focus is on providing a unified Login experience between connected retail users and direct users.
  • Migrating authentication capabilities to Okta (IAM procured service) from Auth0 (Connected Retail IAM solution) and Keycloak (Direct IAM solution).
  • The solution implementation will have to concentrate of minimizing the efforts on dependent systems and processes (eg. onboarding and off-boarding) and as well guaranteeing a smooth or invisible migration for the end users' point of view.
  • At the end of these phase the client expects having the users being able to login with one set of credentials into a unified partner Identity solution and being able to single-sign-on to applications offered independently.

2nd Phase:

  • In the 2nd phase, the focus is on unifying the account and role model structure of the client and their connected retail partners, a prerequisite to enable:
    • -Unified and consistent onboarding and off-boarding procedure (from lead generation to getting the right access entitlements).
    • Unified self-service user management and access control to enable partners to control their employee without operational effort required by the clients helpdesk and support teams.
  • The solution will have to take into consideration extensibility, reusability requirement, as the structure/hierarchy, systems and processes will need to be extended and able to support other partner facing parts of the company.
  • At the end of these phases we expect to connect retail and direct users who will be able to manage their company users' access in autonomy using an unified web user interface.
  • We expect the clients operational effort to control partner users' access to be 0 as a partner can manage their access in autonomy. We expect partner support teams (partner helpdesk) to be able to act on access just for recovery an emergency procedure.
  • We expect onboarding procedure controlled by Salesforce systems and custom services maintained by the direct and connected retail to converge into a consistent process.


  • Integrating IAM systems with in-house applications, third party applications and SaaS applications for provisioning, identity authentication, and developing connectors between IAM tools and system resources.
  • Working across functions to improve IAM solutions to enhance compliance requirements and best practices.
  • Working with relevant compliance teams to research and translate global regulatory requirements pertaining to access management and identity governance into technical solutions.
  • Conducting POCs of new access management products and services to validate integration needs.
  • Creating scalable solutions and ship working, testable, maintainable, readable code/data to production in small and safe iterations.
  • Applying your knowledge of data structures, algorithms, data modelling, API design and computation fundamentals to solving customer problems. Contribute to decisions on the technologies and tools to deliver as well as operate large-scale applications on cloud (AWS or Kubernetes), based on a microservices architecture.
  • Maintaining and operating the software built by the team by delivering the supporting operational elements for their team (metrics, graphs, alerting, tracing) to be able to track commercial and operational performance of their products.


  • 5+ years' experience in Java
  • Knowledge of clouds and deployments
  • Project experience with big scale systems with more than 30k users
  • Project experience in Microservices

Ideally you will have:

  • Good communication skills
  • Experience with Kubernetes

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