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Managing a modern-day temporary workforce is an ongoing challenge for many businesses. Between the battle to secure top talent within set budgets or limited timeframes and the ever-changing legal and compliance landscapes, it is often very difficult to navigate. The pull-on time and resources from your existing HR function can be detrimental and extremely costly.

At Talent, we have been managing temporary workforces for organisations across the globe for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on improving both the contractor and client experience through long-term partnerships.

Find out how we supported Civica Digital by supplying temporary workers to help drive digital transformation.

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Key Benefits

Sourcing Talent

Our dedicated team of over 300 resourcing experts have built trusting relationships with a large pool of leading digital contractors in major cities around the globe. Our database of over 200,000 vetted, skilled professionals allows us to source and secure talent quickly and within budget.


Never lose sight of your non-permanent workforce, from contractors to consultants. Our industry-first Talent Engage platform provides clients with a holistic view of their temporary workforce. Manage assignments, review and approve timesheets, log new requirements and access BI & Management reports all with a click of a button.

Scalability & Flexibility

An MSP solution with Talent gives you complete control to dial up and down your requirements for temporary workers. Take the stress out of seasonal peaks or technical project rollouts by leveraging the ability to scale teams quickly without compromising on quality.


Navigate your way through national and international legislative requirements with ease by leveraging Talent’s legal resources and expertise to ensure that your processes align to all of the updated changes to employment laws connected with recruiting and employing temporary workers.

Global Reach

With 16 strategically located offices around the globe, a relationship with Talent is future-proof: we can continue to support you as you grow and enter new markets and territories. We also act as a trusted advisor to help you plan your expansion and factor in access to relevant talent in any major cities around the world.

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Welcome to Talent MSP and thanks for taking the time to consider working with us. We have worked within the MSP space for over 25 years helping a diverse mix of organisations grow their technical teams both nationally and internationally. If you have any questions about our MSP services or just MSP in general we’d be happy to discuss these with you. Feel free to get in touch with me direct via the links below.

- Colin Crawford, Chief Sales Officer, EMEA

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