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Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion

W. Edwards Deming

Market Mapping

Before you choose to engage with a recruitment partner, make sure that you have a detailed picture of the labour market associated with your specific resourcing requirements.

Talent provides you with complimentary talent mapping reports ahead of resourcing projects.​ Use our insights to highlight where best to locate your team, whether your budget is realistic, market trends, popular talent profiles and job roles. Our snapshots also provide key information on future technologies and what skills should be considered to help future-proof your business. Discover more via the link below:

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The report provides live data relating to:

// Skills and availability

// Average salaries

// Competitior analysis

// Talent pool demographics

// Gender bias

Client View

Client View

We engaged with Talent as we were looking to relocate our development team. We wanted to get some advice on where the best talent pools were for our tech stack. We also wanted some additional information around migrating talent and competitor analysis across three target locations. The reports provided by Talent were key in our decision-making process. We have since been able to attract some outstanding individuals to join us. You can never have too much data to make key strategic decisions.


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