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Talent 360

Talent 360 combines the latest technology and recruitment techniques with over 20 years of specialist digital and technology recruitment experience to deliver a full, agile, creative solution tailored around your specific needs. 

As an extension to your existing recruitment function, Talent 360 goes far beyond traditional recruitment methods with a focus on employer branding and your employee value proposition (EVP) combined with bespoke, targeted digital advertising campaigns.

The flexible service will work on an ongoing basis in the background to improve your perception in the marketplace and once recruitment peaks arise, 360 will eliminate the time-consuming admin processes tied to traditional recruitment, delivering quality candidates on time and within budget via proactive talent pooling, innovative advertising and stringent assessment.

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Go beyond the job boards to harness the power of employer branding and the latest in digital advertising to secure leading digital talent.

// Time-saving
// Legal compliance
// Custom employer branding
// Transparent pricing 
// Talent attraction
// Increased visibility
// Digital advertising, PPC, social media strategies
// Dedicated account team​

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Levels of Engagement

360 LITE

Provides you with the tools and guidance you need to elevate your employer brand and get ahead of the competition without the need for significant marketing spend. Ideal for multiple hires from 5 to 10 roles.


Includes the option to take advantage of our Employer Branding added value services, allowing you to keep talent engaged throughout the journey. Ideal for partnerships from 10 to 30 hires.


Larger-scale transformation programme, ideal if you need to create a new team from scratch or wish to address a spike in growth or skills and/or demographic gaps in your workforce.

See how the Talent 360 solution helped scale email migration specialist TransVault in our case study video. As part of TransVault’s 360 solution, we designed and built their dedicated careers websites and created two employer branding videos which we targeted across LinkedIn as part of their digital attraction strategy.

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