It’s a (wo)man’s world


The importance of women in the Tech& Digital industry

Talent invests heavily in providing innovative solutions to the German technology industry to capitalise on a growing digital and tech market. As part of this effort, I had the pleasure of being promoted to the role as regional sales manager in order to dedicate myself to lead Talent and its expansion plans from Berlin. 

The reason I joined Talent two years ago was because I immediately connected with the passion and quality of the management team. Their ongoing support has been invaluable and I am proud to have built such a strong team in Berlin. I look forward to recruiting more talented consultants to join our team, continuing to work closely with our clients and candidates, and providing the best possible experience as Talent grows into one of the country's leading recruitment firms.

Through my commitment to Talent, I’m driven to motivate other women and to represent our vision in order to increase the number of women in leadership positions in our organisation.

Our Berlin team consist of 80% women which is high above the average of 43% when comparing us to other companies in the tech and digital sector.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2021, the circumstances of the pandemic have deepened the gender gap. Beside the fact that women were the essential workers at the frontline of managing the crises, the sectors most affected by successive lockdowns and the digitalisation of the workplace where the ones where women are more frequently employed. Adding to this the household responsibilities which are more likely taken over by women, this crisis strongly impacted the gender parity across the world.

The current tech-market during Corona

The  Global Gender Gap Report 2021, provides a specific overview about the current job market during corona. 

In Cloud Computing, women make up 14% of the workforce. In Engineering, 20% and in Data and AI, 32%.

These job fields are increasingly hiring new talent, including women, yet the gender gap is still far from being closed. In the last year, the share of women improved by 0.2% in Cloud Computing but declined by 0.1% in Data and AI. And according to CIO, while more and more young women are more likely to choose computer science studies, they are also twice as likely to quit their jobs compared to men.

Therefore, it is highly important to address the underrepresentation of women in tech now and to take the chance of restructuring organisations when our work life gets back to normality.

How to restructure your business for a gender-balanced environment

Every business has the option to create a strong, resilient, and gender-equal culture through:  

  • implementing inclusive workplaces.
  • embedding equitable care systems in your company.
  • promoting women’s rise to leading job positions.
  • closing the gender pay gap.  
  • helping more women to build in-demand skills

The sooner you react to this problem, the sooner you’ll receive the rewards of increasing the diversity of genders. Talking about internal changes, let’s take a look on how to present this support of women to the outside.

 How to attract more women in tech

Glassdoor provides more detailed facts and explains what you should consider in your strategy. 

1. Be transparent about your goals and the current state of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within your organisation.

2.  Network with a diverse range of candidates: start getting in touch with organisations or people supporting women in the STEM industry and become part of their networks. 

3. Promote female voices and share stories from your internal business online.

4. Appreciate the contributions and reward the accomplishments of female employees

5.  Empower women in the workplace for a long-term engagement in their jobs. This can be done through implementing flexible work policies, women’s employee resource groups, and mentoring programs. 

By considering the above, you’ll attract top talent, challenge unconscious bias and the underrepresentation of women, and help to improve your brand – in turn resulting in greater profitability and better results.   

We are still looking for a number of recruitment and delivery consultants to join our Berlin office. If you are eager to innovate, push boundaries, and provide the most rewarding to our clients and candidates across Germany, get in touch!

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