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At Talent, we work with the most sought-after AI experts who can't be found on LinkedIn. From image processing engineers to statisticians and AI data scientists, we can help find you experienced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Visonaries for your business.

Fast fact // Machine Learning will be responsible for cumulative global investments of US $58 billion by the end of 2021.

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Talent are experts in recruiting people in data and analytics. The team at Talent differ from other people in recruitment agencies as they were direct and precise on the interview requirements. Their knowledge and support throughout interview, hiring and post hiring period has been remarkable. I would recommend Talent for anyone who needs a career movement without any hassle as they understand requirements very well on both the ends and have a transparent and supportive recruitment process. Overall, it was a pleasure to get to know the amazing team at Talent!

Shivani, Data Analyst // Redlands

I have been exceptionally impressed with the service and support through my application process with Talent. It was so refreshing to have dealt with someone who bridges the client expectation and candidate prospective so well. I know its takes lot of effort to make something look so effortless and you did it.....a BIG thank you!!!!!

Usha, Project Coordinator // Woolworths

I’ve recently had the very great pleasure of dealing with Talent and benefiting from their wonderful advice and help to get a pre-sales role with a company that I have been very quietly dreaming about joining for 3-4 years now. They were fantastically professional in all of our dealings and communicated with me about every aspect of the company’s process, and my progress, during the busy two weeks of interviews before I was offered the role. I was supported even further with advice since the offer and I’m sure will be there for me if I have any ongoing questions about any aspect of my new role. I can heartily recommend Talent as a thoughtful and detailed recruiter to anyone looking for a new opportunity and feel that they had my best interests at heart during this process.

James, Sales Engineer // Box

The team from Talent always take great care to understand the role needs and the right type of personality that would fit my organisation.  They also have a great network of jobseekers and contacts who are looking for their next opportunity. This means that when potential candidates are presented, they are of high calibre and are worthy of an interview.   The team at Talent also take the time to understand the ever-changing needs of the organisation, and are invested in my success as a hiring manager. 

Terry, Coles

I’ve worked with Talent for the past 2 years. During this time, they has gone out of their way to work with us to understand our business and support requirements. The consultant regularly provide high end talent to fill our vacant roles and does so in a very timely manner. They take the time to check in with us as a business, as well as the staff member who they placed, to ensure both parties needs are being met. I’m proud to have Talent as a recruitment supplier, not only for the services that they provide to me, but also to the community with programs like RISE for local youth unemployment.

Luke, Swin

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