Diversity and inclusion: actions speak louder than hashtags

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the “unconventional” becoming makers of change in the realm of social justice, from Colin Kaepernick to Marcus Rashford. Who would have thought, 12 months ago, that a young Black footballer would be the one to create change within our government, forcing them to reconsider policies and to tackle unfair rules that negatively affected poor families? 

This past year, certain stories have become weekly topics: Black Lives Matter, LGBT+ rights, youth unemployment, the poor and rich divide across the world… Conversations around discrimination and social justice have raised many questions for everyone, prompting organisations to review their conduct and uncovering the unfair bias and sometimes discriminatory behaviours that still exists within them, having been handed down over decades.

As a result, companies across every industry have rightly placed diversity and inclusion (D&I) at the top of their agendas this year, and the popularity of D&I is only increasing among employees who want to know their employers are on the right side of history. D&I has now become part of many projects that businesses of all sizes are undertaking, and Talent is no different. 

This is why we are engaging on a journey for change and putting diversity at the forefront of our priorities for this year. However, diversity and inclusion isn’t and shouldn't be a box-ticking exercise. We’re not simply looking to validate that we “understand” what discrimination is, the nuances of microaggressions and unconscious bias, and how this all affects individuals. Instead, we aim to go to the very heart of why Talent should care about D&I. We need to recognise and challenge our existing routines and develop new measures and policies that ensure a more diverse range of talent can thrive with us.

To support us in this journey, we have partnered with Niru Subramanian a highly experienced D&I consultant and HR leader. With her guidance, we have begun to hold regular leadership meetings to define and drive our D&I strategy. However, leadership is only part of the equation -  it’s absolutely critical that all levels of the organisation are involved in the conversation. We want to empower them to create new ideas and drive changes that promote diversity at all levels of our organisation. It’s really reassuring to see so many of our colleagues passionate about the need for change and wanting to get involved - I feel thrilled at the possibilities.

These are the early days, and it’s an exciting time for all of us at Talent. We’re not perfect, but we strive for better things and I’m looking forward to working with everyone within the organisation to make diversity and inclusion matters run through Talent’s makeup. Stay tuned for more as we continue on our journey to becoming true D&I leaders in the world of recruitment